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10 Ways Thompson Creek Surprised Me During my Recent Front Door Replacement

Front Door Replacement - 10 Customer Service Surprises

When I built my house 20 years ago, the thought of a front door replacement never even crossed my mind. I was busy raising my daughter. Over the course of time, I painted, papered, redid the kitchen, brought in solar power, and installed a Tree deck. Many of these upgrades came in preparation for her wedding, which took place at home. We’ve even come full circle in our family because she now raises her children here, too.

One thing has remained constant over the years. The volume of door to door salespeople in summer months never eases. But a recent visit from Thompson Creek really prompted me to think about a facelift for my home. Here’s what surprised me:

  1. Honesty. He started right away by noting, “You need new doors.” Just by looking at them, there was nothing obviously wrong, so I appreciated that he went into detail. Over the years they warped slightly so when the ants and other bugs came by they invaded the house.
  2. Technical Knowledge. Again, you would never know it from appearances, but the insulation in the doors fell to the bottom of the door. That meant the cold and heat came right through. The door was not doing its job.
  3. Expertise. Since this new door is made to fit, voila! This year, when the ants came around, they couldn’t enter.  We have no creepy crawlies. 
  4. Temperature Consistency. No matter how hot it gets or how cold it is, my doors keep the temperature in the house steady.  The new doors have “blown” insulation which “freezes” in place.  Thus it can’t fall like the old doors.
  5. Energy Efficiency. My beautiful new doors are energy efficient exceeding 2017 Energy Star® criteria. The salesman told me they would lower my utility bills. Now I can’t say they’ve done much for my water bill (what do you expect with a family of 6?), but there is ample evidence that the doors reduced fuel consumption in the winter. Which is pretty astonishing in itself!  I have seen ads for other green builders touting much the same thing.  I believe them because of these doors.  I know that not all doors are created equal so you should ask to inspect a sample of the doors.  But that’s not hard to do.
  6. Pride. I didn’t expect to become an unofficial extension of the marketing team, but I unashamedly love them and tell everyone about them.  So now I’m telling you. 
  7. Sound Dampening. Of course they are beautiful. But they are also very quiet. If you live on a normal suburban street, you know it can be fairly noisy from the kids, cars, garden equipment, the game at the high school, and the old guy with his motorcycle. These doors are ordered and built to your home’s exact specifications. 
  8. Price Integrity. While the measurements were taken, my salesman pointed out several places where my measurements deviated from the norm.  “How much more will that be?”  I asked. “Nothing” I liked that answer.
  9. Return on Investment. From what I understand, steel entry door replacement yields a 125% return on the cost when you sell your home.  Not that I’m planning to sell anytime soon but who knows? 
  10. Guarantee. On top of everything else, these doors are “guaranteed that you’ll love your new door – and that it will be the last you ever need to purchase.”

This is my front door. When I close it, the world goes away. Oh and the sidelights are “rained” on so you can’t see in. I had a very good experience with Thompson Creek. From the receptionist to the salesman, to the project coordinator, to the installer they are 100% professional. Thank you Thompson Creek.

This post is a collaboration between Robyn Travis and Thompson Creek.