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Boost Curb Appeal With a New Front Door and More


Curb appeal.  It's the impression your home makes when viewed from the street. And there are many reasons why you'd want to boost your home's curb appeal. The most obvious is if you'll be selling your home. But there are many other benefits to improving the exterior facade of your home. You can change the look completely, replace outdated fixtures with today's trends, bring vibrancy by adding or enhancing existing landscaping, and create a welcoming entrance for visitors.

One way to instantly improve the curb appeal of your home is to replace your front door.  A new entry door can dramatically enhance the look of your home.  You can go with an updated version similar in style and color to your existing door, or change the appearance of your home by choosing a different style and color that complement your existing siding.  From traditional entry doors to modern front doors and every style in between, today's new entry doors offer choices for every taste. Enhance your new door by adding decorative window panels in the door, side lights flanking either side, or a transom window above.

Besides boosting curb appeal, a new front door brings other benefits as well. According to the 2015 Cost vs. Value Report, which analyzes remodeling projects, replacing your entry door with a new steel entry door replacement will yield a 117.6% return on investment.  In addition, today's design and manufacturing technology makes new replacement doors much more energy efficient than older doors, especially if it's ENERGY STAR® certified.

There are other ways to increase the curb appeal of your home.  Updating and maintaining your landscaping gives your front yard a cohesive and "put together" look.  Plant perennials that come back year after year and complement them with bright flowering annuals. Use patio containers on your front landing to brighten the entryway. Keep bushes neat and trimmed. If you have any tree branches overhanging your home or blocking your windows, trim them back to avoid potential damage during a storm. Keep your grass trimmed and well-tended. If you have any bare spots, overseed the areas and keep watered until new grass becomes established. Minimize weeds in your flower beds by installing landscaping fabric covered with fresh mulch.

Also consider updating fixtures on the front of your home. New light fixtures can bring a fresh look to your front door. Take a look at your entry door hardware and house numbers and replace them for a new stylish look. Has your garage door seen better days? It might just need a fresh coat of paint and possibly some new hardware. Or you can consider replacing it with a new garage door.

It's easy enough to transform the look of your home and improve its curb appeal. A new front door, updated and well-maintained landscaping, and a welcoming front porch will not only help with resale value but create an inviting introduction to guests visiting your home.