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Custom Windows Increase Energy Efficiency

Homeowners may decide to replace the windows in their home for a number of reasons. Old windows can be cracked, warped, drafty, with broken seals or cracked glass. Wood windows that have had years’ worth of coats of paint may be difficult or impossible to open. Internal mechanisms in older windows can wear out over time, causing them not to stay open on their own. Any window that is not operating properly can cause air leakage, causing your utility bills to increase.

If you are replacing the windows in your home, you can choose to go with the same size and style. But there is the potential for problems. Big box retailers and many window manufacturers only offer a set number of replacement window sizes. If your window openings don’t match up with these sizes, considerable steps must be taken when the windows are installed. Since you can’t go larger, the installers will use a window that is smaller and add wood shims, insulation, and caulk to make them fit. This sets up a scenario for many future problems, including water infiltration leading to wood window frame rot, and a window that is not air tight.

Custom windows will be your best choice for a complete custom fit. The upfront costs may be slightly higher. But by ordering custom windows built specifically for your exact window measurements, you will see utility bill savings right away with windows that fit better, perform better, and are more energy efficient.

Custom windows allow you to change the look of your home as well. Switching from double hung windows to a different style such as casement or awning windows will add a new element of architectural interest to your home. Most custom window manufacturers offer greater flexibility with window options, offering more color choices, window styles, and grid layouts to complement the design of your home.

You can also go the custom window route if you want to change the opening of the window itself. If you have a room that doesn’t get enough natural light, you can replace with larger windows or add windows to a wall that has none. Installing a bay window or bow window makes a dramatic statement and can become the focal point of a room, as well as create a striking effect when viewed from the street. A simple window above a kitchen sink can be replaced with a garden window, allowing more light and ventilation to enter the room as well as the perfect place for a potted herb garden.

Custom windows allow you to have replacement windows installed that will fit the opening, making them airtight and energy efficient. And they give you the flexibility to enhance or change your home’s current architecture by going with a different style, grid layout, or color. You’re limited only by your imagination!