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Family Safety Tips: Daylight Savings Time


Are you and your family ready to spring forward? Daylight savings time is the perfect time for a seasonal safety check! As you run around your home setting the clocks ahead, take note of our safety checklist to make your home safe and organized for Spring.

Change the Clocks and Change the Batteries

If carbon monoxide detectors and smoke alarms have fresh batteries, they can save lives. It’s important to check these batteries twice a year so celebrate your time change Sunday with a purchase of some new live-saving batteries. Don’t throw these batteries away right away – they can still be used to power up your children’s toys and electronic devices. Use your batteries to their fullest before you recycle to get the most for your money, and while you are up there changing them, don’t forget to test your alarms.

This is also a great time to check any “critical” systems in your home that you don’t usually think about. Do you have a radon mitigation system? When did you last check it? It has probably been a while for most of us. How are your battery backups doing for your alarm system, ejector/sump pump, etc? Check them now while you’re thinking of it before they fail on your in a big rain storm. What else do you have around the house that would cause a minor (or major) catastrophe if it broke? An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Do it now, right now, before you forget, or set a task in your phone to remind you at a more convenient time.  

Check Your First-Aid Kit

Summer’s coming so you know what that means – scrapes, bee stings and bumps on your children while they’re having fun outside in the warm weather. Be sure to check your first-aid kit and replace any missing supplies. The most used supplies include, band aids, gauze pads, tweezers, burn ointment and thermometers. If anything happens this summer, you’ll be the safety hero and fully prepared for anything that comes your way!

Create Your Family Emergency Plan

If anything were to happen, does your family know what to do in an emergency? Gather your family members together to explain what to do and where to go in case of an emergency.

Especially think through what everyone should do if you sleep in a second story. What would your family do in case of a fire? Can they get out of their windows? Where should they go?

Put an information page near your phone or on your fridge for important phone numbers, addresses and other contact information to be easily accessible for all your family members. It’s also beneficial to have a home and car emergency kit with a three-day supply of food, water, flashlight, batteries and a first aid kit.

So Spring forward with confidence this Sunday to keep you and your family safe and healthy!