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Going Green This Summer with Local Produce

Green living is a way of life for some families.  For others, it’s an ever-constant battle of wanting to make environment-friendly changes but struggling with old habits that die hard.  Why not start this summer?


Consider the impact on the environment of trucking produce to the supermarket.  Fruits and vegetables that we buy at the local grocery are often grown hundreds - if not thousands - of miles away.  Many of those farmers still use pesticides and other chemicals to treat their produce so it can survive the long journey to your produce aisle. 


Why not have a go at growing your own vegetables?  You can control what goes into the soil and decide whether or not you want to use any sort of pesticides.  Grow vegetables that you eat frequently.  If yard space is an issue, there are some veggies are easily grown in patio containers – peppers, tomatoes (determinate variety), carrots, radishes, herbs, and even lettuce and spinach do well in containers.


If you don’t have a green thumb, there are other ways to get local produce.  Consider participating in a CSA – Community Supported Agriculture.  They typically provide members with in-season vegetable and herbs on a weekly basis from spring right through the fall.  Visit your local Farmers’ Market for a wide variety of locally grown vegetables, fruit, herbs, and even honey, homemade jams, and fresh eggs.  More retailers are beginning to carrying “locally grown” produce in their produce section; seek out those products and you’re contributing towards a more green way of living.


Go green - and enjoy!