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Made in the USA: The Advantage of American-Made Products

"Buy American!"  While our patriotic side touts the virtues of buying products made in the USA, there are many reasons to make that choice.  Purchasing American products not only supports our own economy, it reduces the trade deficit by closing the gap between our imports vs. exports.  Retail giants like Walmart are supporting the effort to buy American, having pledged to boost their sourcing of US products by $50 billion over the next ten years.

If more of us made an effort to support American companies by purchasing their products, more Americans would be hired, more American factories would be built, more revenue would be added to our economy, and we'd get closer to balanced trade by decreasing both the trade deficit and the budget deficit.

There's also the issue of foreign labor.  When jobs are "shipped abroad" they rarely return to the US, further weakening unemployment in our country.  Labor standards in many foreign countries allow for unsafe work conditions with no - or very low - minimum wage restrictions.  Worker safety is often not a great concern to foreign producers, and many lack pollution controls that lead to harm of their own people and their environment.

Marketers of foreign products may make their packaging look "American" by choosing a red, white, and blue color scheme for their labeling, or by including a US address on their packaging.  To be certain, look for the "Made in USA Certified®" label on products you purchase.  Made in USA Certified is the nation's leading third party independent certification source for USA-country of origin claims. 

If you're inclined to seek out American-made products, be sure to visit USA Love List.  Founder Sarah Wagner decided to create the website after a road trip including tours of US companies.  From their website,, " Some products are assembled in the United States with parts made elsewhere. Many companies make some products in the United States but not all. And often, it is very hard to find clear information on where something is made at all. It is our simple intention to recognize companies for the efforts they take to support American workers and communities. We research and contact and post information as we are able to gather it, hopefully saving you effort along the way."

By purchasing American-made products, you support our economy, our jobs, our manufacturing plants.  Seek out Made in USA Certified products, shop at locally owned mom-and-pop retailers, and do your part to support our great nation.