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Thompson Creek Reviews: Letter from a very happy customer

Check out this INCREDIBLE letter from a very happy customer!

My wife and I had our Thompson Creek windows installed on Thursday 12 April, 2012. I intended to write to you before now to express our complete satisfaction with your Thompson Creek product and installation, but delayed until I had one other opinion.

Yesterday, an individual who really is an expert on the installation of home products but who normally does not hesitate to tell us how badly we had been ‘taken in’ by less than satisfactory salesmen or products came by to help us install the window shades and brackets. I was halfway expecting him to tell us again how his windows were superior to ours, that his installation was better, and/or how he had gotten a better price. I was exceptionally surprised to see and hear his reaction to our Thompson Creek windows. He was truly flabbergasted at what we had. He could not get over the quality of the windows and their installation at the price we paid! He did not hesitate to say we had much better windows than he had, that our installation was superior to his, and that we had paid a very reasonable price for what we received. I was ‘floored’ by his reaction and repeated statements about the quality of our windows and the whole installation of 19 windows with a massive bow window (that had required removing framing right down to the actual brick opening) because for once he agreed with our opinions.

My wife and I could not possibly be happier with your Thompson Creek product. I want to express our delight with our new windows and commend the whole team of installers. The only names I have are: Marc B. – Installer; John R. – Original PM; and the Installer team of Alex, Antonio, Nelson, Marcial, and Chae Y Bam. I cannot praise the quality of your windows highly enough, nor their installation. The installers are true craftsmen who took pride in doing a meticulously complete job, with every seam neatly insulated and calked and every piece of scrap material removed.

Thank you again for an exceptional product. My wife joins me in expressing our complete satisfaction with the Thompson Creek experience.