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Why Buy from Local Window Manufacturers?

Here’s some food for thought: why do you think it’s better to purchase replacement windows made locally vs. manufactured across the country or outside the USA?  There are actually a number of reasons why local American-made windows make sense on many levels.


  • Windows that are built in a local factory are designed for your climate.  With the four distinct seasons we enjoy in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC, replacement windows need to be able to withstand our heavy spring rains, strong summer thunderstorms and heat, fall wind, and winter cold and snow.  A window built in, for example, the northwest US would probably hold up well to cold temperatures and heavy rain, but may not perform great in the heat of mid-Atlantic summers.
  • Local manufacturers are a short distance away should you run into any issues in the future.  If you have a problem with your replacement windows, making a quick phone call to the company is easy.  If you purchased from an out-of-state company, it can be much more difficult to sit on hold, jump through hoops, and gather all the information they require.
  • In more general terms, doing business with a local window company benefits the environment.  If you buy replacement windows from a company thousands of miles away, they spend a lot more time on trucks being shipped to your location.  This means more fuel consumption and more emissions being released into the environment.  Buying from a local manufacturer greatly decreases the carbon footprint of your replacement windows.
  • Local manufacturers are what build a strong local economy.  They provide jobs for the local labor force as well as employing a variety of supporting services in the area.  Local companies generate tax revenue and contribute to local infrastructure.  And many local companies are involved in community charities and other non-profit groups and events that support your community.

The benefits of buying local apply not just to replacement windows and doors.  Certainly all local businesses will support the community in the form of jobs and tax revenue, and potentially reduce the harmful effects on the environment by long-distance trucking.