Do-It-Yourself Projects

  • Buzz Off! Tips for Mosquito Control

    7/9/2012 3:42 PM

    Mosquitoes seem to arrive in droves once summer is in full swing. While they’re annoying, they can also be dangerous - mosquitoes carry various blood-borne diseases, including malaria, yellow fever and West Nile virus, as well as dengue and encephalitis. According to the Centers for Disease Control, mosquito-borne diseases affect about one-fifth (one billion people) of the world's population every year. Mosquito-borne diseases are a growing threat throughout the Americas due to the decline of control programs. For the first time in nearly 50 years, endemic cases of dengue fever and malaria are in the United States. In Maryland, West Nile virus is now considered endemic throughout the state, with 215 human cases of the disease between 2001 and 2011.  

  • Summer Lawn Care Tips & Tricks

    7/9/2012 3:30 PM

    By July, the heat of summer has taken its toll on your lawn. While spring is the time to get your lawn healthy and green, summer is the time to preserve that healthy turf. There are a few key things you can do to maintain your lawn:

  • Raising "Green" Kids

    6/7/2012 1:26 PM

    As responsible citizens of our planet, most of us would like to do all we can to protect and preserve it. How can we instill those values in our children?  Even the youngest of kids can remember little things like turning lights off when they leave a room, not letting the faucet run when brushing their teeth and reusing the back of printer paper for artwork. Children learn by example – so point out to them when you are doing something in particular that’s kind to the Earth. Get them involved in things like towel drying dishes after you wash them, or hanging clean sheets outside to dry.

  • Vegetable Gardening Tips and Tricks

    6/7/2012 1:24 PM

    We may already be in the heat of June, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late to grow your own vegetables. Even if you didn’t get a chance to start a vegetable garden in the spring, there are still plenty of options that you can start right now. Tomatoes: Actually considered a fruit, nothing represents summer better than fresh home-grown tomatoes. And they love the heat and humidity of Maryland, Virginia and DC summers. If you can still find a large transplant, go ahead and put that in the sunniest part of your yard.

  • Enhance Your Home With A Door Upgrade!

    5/22/2012 2:34 PM

    Upgrading doors is a fairly easy and low-cost way to update your entrance and enhance the experience of walking through your home.  Solid, rich-looking doors can give your home a real décor boost. You add to the curb appeal with a new entryway. And today’s replacement doors improve energy efficiency – drafty entry doors are one of the biggest drains on your energy bills.

  • DIY Home Composting

    5/3/2012 3:51 PM

    We are all looking for ways to help the environment and save money at the same time. How about doing your own composting? Composting has become a popular way to recycle things you would normally just discard in the trash and use them to help feed your garden.    Getting started is easy. You can use anything from a large trash can with holes cut in the base to a compost tumbler sold on many home improvement websites.

  • Do You Pinterest?

    4/4/2012 1:35 PM

    More than likely, you’ve at least heard of the online social site Pinterest. It’s grown from 1 million users last August to over 10 million now, so chances are you are familiar with it, if not already a user. So what’s it all about? Pinterest is basically an online pin board, a place to organize and share online images that you find interesting. It allows you to create visual bookmarks of things that interest you. You can organize your images by creating pin boards with custom titles – cooking, wedding planning, hairstyles, clothing for cats – endless possibilities. When you come across a great-sounding pizza dough recipe you want to try, pin it to your cooking board.  

  • DIY Veggies!

    4/4/2012 1:27 PM

    Do you love fresh produce but hate paying high prices for organic vegetables? With spring in full swing, many homeowners are itching to work in the yard. Why not plant a vegetable garden? There are plenty of excuses why people don’t have a garden: they hate weeding, they don’t have the yard space, all that watering is wasteful, their soil is bad, they don’t have the time.  

  • Rain Gardens - an easy way to help our Bay

    3/28/2012 3:42 PM

    Every time it rains, water runs off impervious surfaces. With the increase in development replacing forests and farmland, impervious surfaces have increased – roadways, rooftops, sidewalks, driveways. As it drains, the storm water runoff collects all sorts of undesirable contaminants along the way. Fertilizers, chemicals, trash, oil and bacteria enter storm drains, eventually ending up in the Chesapeake Bay and tributaries.

  • Quit Complaining! Ways to Offset the Rise in Gas Prices

    3/9/2012 6:04 PM

    Gas and oil prices continue to rise. Families are reexamining their budgets to see where they can cut waste. The typical US family spends a lot of hard-earned dollars on utility bills – an average of $1,419 in 2010, which has added about $300 a year to what households pay.