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  • 5 Steps to Window Cleanup in the Fall from the Pros

    10/17/2017 2:13 PM

    With fall in the air, everyone’s mind may be on hayrides, pumpkin spiced lattes, and hanging door wreaths. In between all the fun, it is important to do a little fall cleaning to  prepare your home for winter. These 5 simple steps will protect and clean your windows. With any luck, you’ll breeze through these chores and get back to enjoying the October (and November) sky.

  • Thompson Creek noise insulating windows

    Introducing Sound Shield™ - Now Installing Peace and Quiet

    10/2/2017 5:32 PM

    We're excited to introduce Sound Shield™, our newest sound-dampening glass package designed specifically for the Mid-Atlantic climate.

  • replacement front door from Thompson Creek

    ProVia Names Thompson Creek a Platinum Elite Dealer for Custom Front Doors

    9/28/2017 9:45 AM

    For the eleventh consecutive year, Thompson Creek received a Platinum Elite Dealer Award from ProVia. According to ProVia, this prestigious award is reserved for contractors who have demonstrated the highest level of commitment to selling and installing ProVia’s custom front doors.

  • Winner: best replacement gutters

    What makes Thompson Creek Window Company the best choice for replacement gutters?

    9/21/2017 2:28 PM

    We recently won the title of Best Gutters in the Capital Gazette. It was an honor to receive the award. We want to take a moment to share what our customers can expect when they choose our company and our award-winning gutter system.

  • Front Door Replacement - 10 Customer Service Surprises

    10 Ways Thompson Creek Surprised Me During my Recent Front Door Replacement

    9/15/2017 1:40 PM

    When I built my house 20 years ago, the thought of a front door replacement never even crossed my mind. I was busy raising my daughter. Over the course of time, I painted, papered, redid the kitchen, brought in solar power, and installed a Tree deck. Many of these upgrades came in preparation for her wedding, which took place at home.

  • Thompson Creek on Qualified Remodeler List

    Thompson Creek CEO Featured In Qualified Remodeler's Top 500

    9/13/2017 8:58 PM

    Thompson Creek Window Company, the mid-Atlantic’s leading home improvement replacement products company, today announced that CEO Rick Wuest was the subject of the featured profile in Qualified Remodeler's recent Top 500.

  • Annapolis Maritime Museum Summer Camp Expansion and Refurbishment

    8/9/2017 2:53 PM

    When Annapolis Maritime Museum announced plans to expand and refurbish the Back Creek Nature Park location Thompson Creek responded by outfitting the new Education Center with windows. The goal to bring the building back to life as a classroom serves the thousands of children who attend events and programs at the museum each year.

  • 4 Proven Methods to Improve Home Air Quality

    8/2/2017 12:54 PM

    This post was a collaboration between Thompson Creek and Anna Suarez, a health advocate passionate about toxins and air quality

  • The Ultimate Employee Appreciation Bash: FISH-A-PALOOZA

    7/27/2017 5:11 PM

    Thompson Creek has a long history of taking standards and exceeding them. When it comes to employee appreciation, no standard land-based celebration would properly reflect our company's intention of EXCELLENCE, so each year in April, we head to the Kentmorr Marina for a company celebration like no other.

  • Five Signs it is Time to Replace Your Windows

    7/21/2017 2:47 PM

    "Sign, sign, everywhere a sign."  As the old 70's song goes, signs are everywhere.  Things in our everyday lives give us signs when they're not operating properly.  Your car may start knocking or pinging, signaling an engine problem.  Your computer's performance may suddenly slow down, signaling a possible issue with the processor or even a computer virus.