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  • tool belt

    How to Be a Safe Do-It-Yourselfer

    9/30/2016 9:37 AM

    From basic tasks around the home to major renovations, safety should always come first. 

  • Recycling: Know What You Can and Can't Recycle

    9/23/2016 12:21 PM

    Living "greener" has become habit for many Americans. But are we all doing enough? The average person generates over four pounds of trash every day, making 200 million tons of garbage a year. And the EPA estimates that 75% of our waste is recyclable, but we only recycle about 30% of it.

  • Storm Doors Should Look Good and Work Well

    9/20/2016 10:59 AM

    This post originated on Angie's List. Appearances can be deceiving — so examine the quality of a storm door's materials, not just its looks.

  • Are You Ready for Cooler Weather?

    9/16/2016 2:12 PM

     Is your home ready to handle all that cold weather can throw your way?

  • How to Clean Vinyl Siding

    9/8/2016 12:00 AM

    Everything you need to know about siding maintenance. 

  • Embedded thumbnail for Cold Temperatures and Your Windows

    Cold Temperatures and Your Windows

    9/6/2016 9:07 PM

    As winter approaches, your attention turns to how comfortable it is inside your home.  Does your family stay warm and cozy as the mercury drops outside?  Think of your home's "envelope" - the outer shell of your home that protects its contents from the elements.  To be the most energy efficient, there would be no breaks in the envelope.  But let's face it - living without windows or entry doors isn't practical.

  • do-i-need-to-replace-my-windows

    How Do I Know If I Need To Replace My Windows?

    9/6/2016 1:53 PM

    Your windows protect your home and your family from extreme temperatures, wind, rain, snow, and ice.  When the temperatures outside are comfortable, how well your windows are doing their job may not be readily apparent.  But when you have a very hot day coupled with high humidity, you may find your air conditioner working overtime to maintain a cool home.  And on a cold winter day, you might feel a draft as you walk past yo

  • siding colors

    Trends in Vinyl Siding Colors

    9/6/2016 9:58 AM

    Siding in classic white and gray are taking a back seat to the trending and less conventional deep brown, greens and blues.

  • Common Window Repairs

    9/6/2016 9:56 AM

    The windows in your home serve many functions. They protect your home and its contents from weather and the elements. Windows allow natural light to enter your home. They allow fresh air to fill your home through the screens. And they provide views of your yard and beyond.

  • How to Be Green During Back-to-School Time

    8/23/2016 2:33 PM

    Children across our area and around the country are headed back to school. While some school aged kids (and their parents) are excited, there can be feelings of dread surrounding the start of classes. New teachers, new classmates, and more challenging class work are all part of a new school year. Parents have a stack of forms to fill out and sign. And of course, there is the often-dreaded school supplies list.